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Who we are?

shopbywholesalejerseys is a free gambling site company that will give you all the guide that you can freely get by shopping free at our site:

What We Get And Why We Collect It?

  • Comments

In our site all the visitor can comment freely as you want but off course you still need to follow the site regulation for not do abusing comment or do a spam at our comment section. And for one of our regulation is that we collecting all the comment and we reviewed it to stay away from somethink unwanted.

And we also reviewing the comment so we can collect the data from you comment in our article to make a better guide and strategy for you all the shopper.

  • Contact forms

Of course we have our contact forms at oursite for you to fill if you want to join the newslatter, and if you agree with this you shouldn’t be worries because we will give you the best way guide you will enjoy and you can’t consider it as a spam because the agreement.

  • Cookies

This site is also collecting cookies and breadcrumb to make sure you browsing our site as free as possible from any lagging or somethink that make you loading the site slowly. This cookies also will last for a week ever a month to make the best browsing was as possible to make you comfortable with the site so you will not need to load all the image and the page on oursite every time you go to our site.

  • Embedded content from other websites

Articles in here maybe have some of outside contents images, text, or even a video but we will make sure that our site completely give a free will to contact us if we have some plagiat pages with an image ,text or a video from other site. And if you see this just feel free to contact us in or contact section. And we will happily remove the image or other plagiat content as soon as possible.

  • Who we share your data with

This data of course we will keep it only at our site and off course we will make your information really save form any malicious think that we unwanted. And this information only we keep just for an additional information for get the best of our site and improving all the content we make.

  • How long we retain your data

When the time you comment or uploading somethink to our site we will get the data right at the moment you comment it. And we will keep it to make sure you get more best material to help you be better and this data will get erased as soon as possible when we alr get the right proportional to improve the site.

  • What rights you have over your data

For all the member that do comment or have an account at our site we will make sure you get all the right you can and if you feel somethink that you unwanted feel free to contact us and we will help you with our regulation.